There shall be no snorts of derision, nor sniggers of pity whilst reading my very 1st blog;

I’ve spent a lifetime in the advertising industry (a flippant observation I would toss about until I realised it was entirely true). Another reminder how time flies, time waits for no man cliché cliché etc…..

What has changed is the impact of technology on this insane industry – gone are the days of grubby, sauce stained bits of paper with handwritten copy, colourful pages of hand drawn layouts and Tippex smudged typewriter produced strategies, status reports and briefs. All replaced with the speed and style of PCs and Macs, email, dropbox, skype & a curious cloud floating in cyberspace masterfully managing the deluge of data every nano second of every day. Technology has certainly been a significant advance in producing the stuff ad agencies dream up. Brilliant isn’t it? Yes…until it doesn’t work!

In an instant, a working day dissolves into a frustrated lack of productivity and the knowledge that an IT guru will mumble in a foreign language, using phrases which NASA may be able to interpret but prove entirely useless to my failed technology. It never ceases to amaze me that I have been able to raise 3 children, produce magic for absurdly demanding clients, work 20 hour days, manage a campaign, juggle several balls at the same time yet…non functioning servers, emails & websites renders me incapacitated & at the mercy of a mumbling geek.

More fascinating is the skilful blame game those of the IT industry use to avoid direct answers or better still – a speedy repair to whatever ails the technological set up in the office. It made me wonder what fun the advertising industry would be if we applied similar techniques when faced with glitches or mistakes in production! Imagine…. hello mr client, yes indeed your full colour brochure is in black & white. The problem was the download speed of the pixels was interrupted (thank Telkom for poor signal), the megabytes corrupted as the antivirus has expired & the printer firewall bombed the full colour option. Such rubbish of course but it does sound feasible….

On the flip side of course, is the blissful silence from your laptop, iPad, tablet & cell phone as nothing bleeps, squeaks, trills or sings an annoying tune announcing the arrival of email, messages, notifications and spam…..

Yours in kilobytes