Language is truly intriguing. Written or spoken. It’s the way we connect with each other.  A link to the world at large, never mind those we hold nearest and dearest.  We get to interact with anyone anywhere anytime.  Foreign languages aren’t even the barrier they may have been … Babelfish (could be language in itself!) offers a free online translation solution.  “Intelligent n’est ce-pas?”

Engage with the world around you via SMS, Whatsapp, BBM, WeChat, FaceTime, Skype, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, instant messenger or if you’re more traditional, a fax and for those real ‘old school’ die-hards an envelope & a stamp!  I’m exhausted at the options and I haven’t even said hello yet.

Communication hasn’t been easier or more accessible than it is today.  Right?  Well kinda… the only challenge now is being able to grasp the language used across all these forums.  Between the abbreviations, new slang, trendy expressions, icons, emoticons and stunted words (u versus you), writing becomes a risky affair & nothing I learnt in my English classes prepared for me for any of the modern language J  LOL … I mean laugh out loud …

Oddly enough while so many people opt for shall we say, a ‘minimalist’ approach when writing, there is nothing quite as rewarding as a beautifully written story or cleverly presented article.  It allows our imagination to run wild.  It creates discussion.  It inspires sharing.  Going viral is no longer a serious health threat but a springboard to fame (of sorts) & often huge success.

Language is truly intriguing.  So use your language to express yourself.

Hv an awsum day. B happy & tks 4 reading.

Yours in syllables