Wat shud I say 2day

Language is truly intriguing. Written or spoken. It’s the way we connect with each other.  A link to the world at large, never mind those we hold nearest and dearest.  We get to interact with anyone anywhere anytime.  Foreign languages aren’t even the barrier they…

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Lights, camera, action

Taking a photo has never been high on my agenda even though it simply requires a click & voila a memory preserved for always…well yes that’s the very basic premise of photography.  But no (a very emphatic no) it is way more complex than that! …

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At the mercy of technology

There shall be no snorts of derision, nor sniggers of pity whilst reading my very 1st blog; I’ve spent a lifetime in the advertising industry (a flippant observation I would toss about until I realised it was entirely true). Another reminder how time flies, time…

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